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What is a Charter School?
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Within the Palisades Charter School complex, the five elementary schools and Paul Revere Charter Middle School are all affiliated charter schools. Palisades Charter High School is an independent charter school.

An important characteristic of California’s charter school landscape is the distinction between schools that operate as a non profit public benefit corporation—called “independent”charters in LAUSD parlance—and ones that, similar to traditional public schools, are governed by the district board—called “affiliated”charters by LAUSD. A school developer must elect either independent or affiliated status when applying for a charter from LAUSD.

Independent charters receive the fullest autonomy and flexibility permitted by the law but less organizational support from the district. This package includes employment that is not subject to local collective bargaining units, but very limited facilities or other infrastructure support from the district. Independent charters may choose to receive their funding either through the district or directly from the state.

By contrast, affiliated charters are “semiautonomous conversion charter schools that are funded and function similarly to traditional district schools.”
In LAUSD, affiliated charters adhere to district policy except for specific areas described in their charters, such as philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy, personnel, or governance. Affiliated charters purchase services from the district, hire LAUSD teachers, and participate in program and professional development offered by the district. Teachers and staff in affiliated charters continue to be employees of the district and members of its collective bargaining units. Affiliated charters do have more site-based freedom over budgeting and educational programming than non-charter schools in LAUSD. They receive free district facilities and are funded through the district.